Textura – Telling (Hi)stories

Textura – Telling (Hi)stories“ is an attempt to develop a game for history lessons which, due to its modular structure, can be used with numerous historical themes in different grades.
“Textura” can help students to:
        • depict historical connections

        • make developments comprehensible

        • focus on specific questions

        • contextualize abstract concepts

        • structure historical narratives

        • support pupils in the development of own stories

        • illustrate the complexity of history

“Textura” is an approach to promoting the narrative competence of pupils in history education while also deepening their content knowledge. Because of its modular structure, “Textura” can be customized to match different thematic approaches or historical periods, so that the game can be used in different school types and classes. Because of its standardized game principle, “Textura” can be used in different grades or with different topics. Once students know the basic principles, time-consuming explanations are no longer necessary and the focus can be placed directly on the topic.

Thanks to the help of David Korfhage, we were able to translate the concept for the game in English as well as two sets of „content cards“ as examples. The „connection cards“ use only symbols, so they do not need to be translated.

You will find the concept and the content and connection cards as PDF Download here:

If you have any questions, doubts or thoughts about it, do not hesitate contacting us. We are still at an early stage and like to develop „Textura“ further.