My history network

My history network is (going to be) a network of high school students from all over the world. The network is an English speaking ning-community for those who are interested in discussing the different perspectives of history and exchange about all questions concerning history and history teaching. As in most virtual classrooms, there is a chat, forums, databases for photos and videos as well as groups on special interests like ancient or medieval history.

History teachers are invited to join the network and will get administration rights so that they will be responsible for  the invitation of their students and the administration (accept/remove/moderate) of their students‘ activities in the network.

The initiative is proposed by David Hilton who created also the History Teachers group on diigo where you can find besides more than 1000 shared, tagged and commentated links also more information about the idea and the development of the „My history network“-project.

I think this is a great idea and opportunity to propose to the more interested students in your classroom  from which  they can get a lot of benefit.

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